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Dr. Madelein Shafferman, N.M.D.

GI Health & Women's Hormones Specialist

What’s holding you back from living life? Walk me through your story! Getting to know you as an individual and listening to your health concerns and goals, will allow me to create a treatment plan that best suits your needs and allows the body to do the rest. Diving deep into the history, investigating the culprits at play, and naming the problem is necessary so we can get to work on fixing it at its deepest level. 

I look forward to hearing about your health journey, so together we can identify and treat the cause of your ailment.

Whether you’ve been on a long health journey, or just began to seek answers, I hope to serve as both your doctor and a resource to answer your questions.

Your interests, hobbies, relationships, and goals are a huge part of what makes you YOU. The symptoms you may be experiencing, however, are not you.

Gut Health

Living and planning your life around the availability of a restroom is stressful and embarrassing. Dating is difficult, eating is terrifying, exercising seems impossible, and nothing feels safe when GI concerns are sabotaging your social plans. At ISAIH Natural Medicine, we like to test, not guess. So if the foods you enjoy are not agreeing with your body, bloating is leaving you like an inflated balloon, or you have poop that is out of the norm with abdominal pain or discomfort, then testing is a necessary step forward in liberation from symptoms.

Thyroid & Hormones

You’ve probably heard that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. The thyroid, is the powerhouse of your body. Your hormones are the key players in your energy, mood, and metabolism. If you’re feeling so tired that you can’t life, noticing that your hair is falling out left and right, your periods come once in a blue moon or all you do is period, or daily stressors are no longer manageable - it’s probably a great idea to take a look at how your thyroid is functioning!

Missing out on life is not an option. Let's name it and treat it!